Get more natural light in your kitchen

Here’s an article that resonated deeply with me:

It’s all about getting more natural light into the kitchen.

I’m a strong believer in natural light in kitchens, being a SAD sufferer. But doing so in kitchen design can be quite difficult to achieve.

The author of this article shares a few different tricks to ensure you are getting the most out of the daylight available.

The main points discussed are window treatments, decluttering, a lite decorative layer and use of light colours.

The more natural light you can get in your kitchen, the better it feels in my opinion.

Of course, if you live in certain countries there isn’t much you can do about natural light in your kitchen as the weather doesn’t permit it – but I believe whilst it’s there, utilise it!

My main takeaway from this article is the importance of decluttering the space around your windows. This can really maximise the amount of light able to get into you room.

So what did you think of this article? Are you going to be taking any advice from this? Got any of your own advice about letting more light into your kitchen? Let me know!


Kitchen Design Terminology

I was going to start a list on here for the sort of terms we use in kitchen design, and have this post as a resource for the terms and definitions. But I thought I'd have a look online first to see what's already out there. I come across this write up that seems to have most of the major ones put into layman's terms. I did notice there were a few missing off it but this was the most complete list I could find.

I do think articles like this are vitally important because it is so common for people not to actually understand these kitchen terms, and they'll often feel stupid for asking. So places like this save all that and help people truly understand what is being said by their kitchen designer.

When a customer understands their kitchen designer, you are that much closer to two things:

  1. A project that runs smoothly
  2. A happy customer

Both of which are things I think every kitchen designer worldwide desires.

So if you're looking for a quick resource of terms and phrases kitchen designers use, check out the page.

There is fairly good use of imagery on this one too so if there is anything you don't understand from the text, the image are there to support you as well.

At the end of the article the author does mention that if there are any terms missing you can contact them on facebook to get them included, so if there is something specific that you don't understand, it might be worth asking them there.

The current trends in kitchens

I was just looking through facebook when I saw a friend of mine had posted an article that showed some of the future trends in kitchen design. I wasn't over impressed at first as it all seemed to be the same old stuff we've seen year in. But if you look at it more as 'the current trends' in kitchen design, I think there's some really inspirational stuff here.

The article isn't very long, it's mainly a slideshow, so take a look at it and let me know which one your favorite is.

For me, I love the idea of using more metal in kitchens. I've always thought copper was one of the better looking materials to use in kitchens, but the example given in this article with the cooper hood looks exquisite.